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Greetings, friends,

My name is Maria, and I'm a huge nerd in the following areas (non-exclusive): Pokemon, a cappella, Sherlock, ballroom dances, Doctor Who, Growth Mindset, Marvel Movies, Card Games, Teen Titans, Board Games, Harry Potter, Meaning in Life, words, the processed food industry, psychology of learning, formative experiences, Nerdfighteria, whiteboard paint, education....the list goes on!

Huh, I forgot to mention chocolate art.

An alumnae of MIT with a bachelor's in engineering, I'm the third generation of women in my family to work with chocolate in different small business capacities. I'm so happy to be starting this endeavor: In January 2018, I officially formed the LLC, Maria For the Win. Thriving off the structure and chaos of owning a business, I want to set myself up for success in 2019 knowing my community supports me and that there are plenty of opportunities to use a business to build connections, community, and more.

Short-term mission: to bring edible joy and freedom of expression to my community, whether through custom-art chocolates or chocolate Paint Nites

Long-term mission: to become an employer of the marginalized and a [storefront location] to foster unironic enthusiasm. (You could say both are basically to decrease worldsuck)



Dorchester, MA 
Storefront coming ASAP!


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