Thank you for being my community!

Because I am just starting out as an LLC and because my work is mainly custom, I don't have an official online store.

What if I want a product listed below exactly how it is? 

You know what you want! Go You! Feel free to build a cart, then send a screenshot of it to to get order confirmation. I will reply within 1 business day!

What if I want to order ...anything? Literally something... or anything... probably not nothing.

I'd love to hear your vision! Reach out via email at or text our sales manager (Maria, ;)) at 617-475-0591, and we'll get your vision rolling within the next business day!

Dragon Ball Z Themed Snacks!
A sarcastic reply or a John Green reference, your pick!
Celebrating Love and Tasty Chocolate
No Introduction Needed
Need something in bulk? =)
Snowflake Pops
Angel Pop
Custom Oreo Topper!
Fall platter!